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A new beginning and a new name for this blog

The last post that I made to this blog, which was named On the Road with Gary, was on February 13, 2008. The reasons I stopped blogging are I was no longer on the road and discovering new places but I had settled down in this small Mexican town and my experiences were with my neighbors and the friends I made while living here.  Some of them may not have wanted their names and stories published on the Internet.

Many things have happened since I stopped blogging in 2008.  I rented a house in Ajijic for one year.  I finally sold my house in Truckee California. I sold my RV. I bought a house in Ajijic about 4 years ago. I was diagnosed with cancer and went to Houston for cancer therapy for about 4 months.  While I was in Houston I bought a car and brought it back down here the very same day I had my last radiation treatment.

I have several expat friends but many of the NOB retirees that live here are not the type of people I want to hang out with.  I feel very lucky to have made many Mexican friends. My best friends in this group is a extended family that has more or less adopted me. I get invited to all their events and  they give me respect. In Mexico, people of all ages hang together as a family. Its not like in the US where old people are often ignored.

The reason I am starting up again with this blog is that I want to share some of my photos and stories with friends of mine.  I will not be publishing everything that goes on in my life because I still want to have a private life for myself and my friends.

The next few posts that I will make will be photos that I've taken since I stopped blogging in 2008.   Later, I will include stories and my take on living in Mexico.

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